Monday, April 14, 2014

Studio Gear CC Cream

There's a HUGE hype over BB and CC creams recently. I've tried more then I would actually like to admit. However, recently I tried the Studio Gear one and I really like it. It's unlike anything I've tried before- It starts as a white then when you blend it into your skin it changes color to match your tones.
-It didn't break me out.
-My skin felt hydrated.
-The color was a little off, but with powder and bronzer it worked.

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FTC: I was sent this CC cream, but I actually liked it. As if anyone could pay me to change my opinion.

Clarity Vitamin C Oil

I get asked all the time how to get rid of dark spots and this is my #1 favorite product! I've been using it for over a month and I can see a HUGE difference in my dark/age spots on my face. This is so great because it is all natural, full of so many vitamins, and does exactly what it's suppose to! I'm IN LOVE. Not only has it gotten rid of a lot of dark spots, but it also does a great job at moisturizing my skin. Oils are a huge rage right now, and I definitely wouldn't pass this one up!

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