about me

Name: Nicole.. That's where NicoleStyle101 came from ;)

Age: 19

Mission: My life is all about living strong, long, healthy, happy, and fashionable. My blog (and YouTube channel) are lifestyle inspired. That's why my blog you'll find: fitness tips, beauty tips, fashion tips, recipes, relationship tips, health tips, and everything else! COme on my journey with me as we inspire to be inspired. 

Career Path: I am currently a college student studying communications. Who really knows where that will take me.. But I do know that I'm willing to see. 

Loves: Sunny days, writing, makeup, planners, Pretty Little Liars, NYC, being in love, pink, nail polish, salmon, humor, Christmas, froyo, Self Magazine, and my life. 

Hates: Snow, homework, soda, negative people, commercials, empty calories. 

Words To Live By:

~It's better to be overdressed then underdressed.

~Healthy is finally feeling good about yourself while add years to your life in the mean time. 

~I would rather arrive late then arrive ugly. 

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